Non-contact metrology is essential for device characterization and process control. The use of multi layer substrates, very thin wafers, high aspect ratio TSV for 3D integration, and the development of new MEMS devices require advanced 3D dimensional metrology solutions. With a high level of expertise in optical metrology and a strong scientific background, FOGALE nanotech provides standard and customized systems well suited to new metrology requirements for MEMS and semiconductor applications.

3D Integration

TSV in line process control
Wafer thinning: Thickness, TTV, RST, Edge trim, bow, warp and roughness measurements for wafer on temporary carrier, TSV reveal, defect review… all in one tool with FOGALE patented optical head.


Complete 3D dimensional metrology and inspection solution for MEMS analysis: 3D profile and high Aspect ratio Via and Trench depth measurement, Dynamic analysis of MEMS in motion, Membrane and Air gap thickness measurement, Wafer Level packaging process control, Bulk and surface micromachining process control.

Substrate Dimensional Control

Tchickness, TTV and shape for all kind of materials: Si, SOI, GaN, Sapphire, AsGA, Glass, Patterned wafers…